Starcraft 2 Void Ray Counter

Every player wants to know the same thing: what is the best Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter? The answer to that question is more simple than you would imagine.

The truth is that you should never lose to Voids. They are very expensive (250 minerals, 150 vespene gas) and honestly do not do that much damage compared to units you could get for the same cost.

For example, a single Void costs more than 2 Stalkers or 5 Marines! Both groups of units would easily take out a Voidy.

There are a few things you should know about Void Ray mechanics before we get started. First, the beam charges (increases in strength) the longer it is attacking the same target. If the Void Ray is constantly interrupted or has to move, the beam will not charge.

However, once the beam is charged, Voids will keep this charge for a period of time (say 10-15 seconds) and it will automatically refresh if the Voids keeps attacking. Therefore, the key is to keep the Voids from attacking the same target for too long so it cannot charge up. If it has no charge, it does little damage.

With that said, here is the best way to perform a Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter for all 3 races.


There are two ways to counter Voids. First off, Marines are incredibly effective versus these Protoss ships. Since Marines have such a low HP total, they will die before Void Rays can charge up! Simply using Marines alone will defeat Void Rays with no problem. The damage inflicted by Stim Packs actually helps in this situation; Void Rays will not be able to charge up or run.

If the Protoss player is playing hit and run, Terran players can use the Viking to easily execute a Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter. The Viking has a range of 9 to the Void’s 6. It is also faster (prior to the Void speed upgrade) and fires in a missile volley, not a charged beam. As a result, players can keep their Vikings just outside of the Void Ray’s range and stop every few seconds to fire off a missile. These Protoss ships never gets a chance to attack!


Zerg have the toughest time performing the Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter. Hydralisks work good though, mineral for mineral. Two Hydralisks can be built for the cost of 1 Void; be sure to keep pumping out the Hydralisks at a high pace and you will be just fine, as two Hydralisks easily defeat 1 of these Protoss ships. If the enemy is massing Voids, get a few Corruptors to use Corruption and provide anti-air support.


Protoss players have an easy time with the Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter. You can build two Stalkers for the cost of one of these Protoss ships, and Stalkers easily defeat Voids. However, due to the Stalker’s high HP, Voids can easily build up charge versus them. The key here is to use the Blink ability to hit and run versus the Voids before they can build too much charge.

Blink under the Voids, focus-fire and take out as many as you can, then start to run and once you are almost out of range, blink away further. This will interrupt the Voids attack and let their charge drop to prevent it from building up.