StarCraft 2 Guide One Achievements – How To Complete This Challenge

The StarCraft 2 Guide One Achievements are very easy to complete. This is the initial challenge issued to StarCraft 2 players and is a great way for new players to become accustomed to StarCraft 2. If you played the original StarCraft, the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements will be very easy to complete, as they are geared for brand new players.

The first task in the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements is the “Challenge Accepted” achievement. This requires the player to complete 3 of the single-player “challenges” in Bronze difficulty. You can find these missions by clicking on the “Single Player” tab and then the “Challenges” tab. The easiest challenges to complete are the “Beginner” challenges.

You only need to complete these missions on bronze difficulty for the achievement. The challenges are very lenient on the “bronze” requirements, so you should have no problem completing this portion of the StarCraft 2 Guide one achievements.

The next challenge you are tasked with is the “Custom Game Novice” achievement. To complete this achievement, you have to create and win 3 custom games versus a computer opponent. Go to the “Multiplayer” tab and click “Create Custom Game”.

Add 1 Computer opponent of any strength (easy works if you are a beginner) to the other team and click “play game”. You cannot have any other human partners to complete this achievement, so make sure it is just you versus the computer. Win three games like this to complete this achievement.

The final task you have to complete is the “Cooperative Novice”. To complete this, you need to win 3 cooperative games of any type. This is actually the easiest challenge; under the “Multiplayer” tab, click “Join Cooperative Game”, and get in a game with any number of players versus a computer opponent. This is quite an easy task as it can literally be you and three other players versus an easy computer.

Once you complete all of these achievements, you will be awarded the “Medal of Combat” achievement. This signifies that you have finally completed all of the StarCraft 2 Guide One Achievements.

To recap, you need to complete the following tasks:

– Challenge Accepted: Completed by finishing 3 challenge missions with a Bronze rating or higher.

– Custom Game Novice: Completed by winning 3 games against a computer opponent when playing alone.

– Cooperative Novice: Completed by winning a cooperative game involving human partners versus a computer opponent.

By finishing these tasks, you too can complete the StarCraft 2 Guide One achievements!

Starcraft 2 Battlecruiser Counter – Tips for All Races

One of the most common complaints that players have when trying to take on Terran is trying to find a good Starcraft 2 Battlecruiser counter. The truth is that this unit is actually quite easy to stop with the right unit choice. In this article, I have revealed the best counters for this unit.

As a Terran player, you should have a very easy time stopping the Battlecruiser. There is only one unit that is effective at doing so: the Viking. This unit does bonus damage to armored units.

Three Vikings will beat a Battlecruiser any day, even if the Battlecruiser uses its Yamato Cannon. If you see the enemy player getting Battlecruisers, put a reactor on your Starport and start turning out Vikings. The best thing about Vikings though is that their high speed and range allow you to attack Battlecruisers from a safe distance, so those with good unit control can fight them without getting hit.

As a Zerg player, you can take Battlecruisers head on with the Corruptor unit. No other unit in the Zerg army can stand up to a Battlecruiser, so if you see Battlecruisers enter the field, you have to get the Corruptor.

The high armor of the Battlecruiser significantly reduces Hydralisk damage, so must get some Corruptors. Be sure to use the Corruption ability to make it a complete rout as the extra damage goes a long way on big units.

Protoss players actually have the toughest time facing Battlecruisers. The Protoss army does not have a good enough air superiority unit to use against the BC. The truth is that the Phoenix actually is very, very weak against the BC.

The Phoenix has two attacks, each of which does 5 damage. Both of these attacks are mitigated by the BC’s natural 3 armor, reducing the damage by 60 percent. This renders the Phoenix essentially useless versus the Battlecruiser. Void Rays are not the best choice either due to their high cost and their propensity to be taken out by Yamato Cannon.

As a Protoss player, you are best off opting for Stalkers. Stalkers do decent damage to

BCs and are a soft counter. However, you can run into trouble if you try to fight BCs which have gathered above a wall or are attacking from the side of your base. You cannot afford to fight them unless all of your Stalkers are in range.

One good way to get your Stalkers in range is to use the Blink ability and Blink your Stalkers underneath the Battlecruisers. Another thing you should do is to add a few Sentries to the mix and use the Guardian Shield ability. By combining the two units, you will have a great Starcraft 2 Battlecruiser counter.

FFXIV Crafting Guide – How to Craft in Final Fantasy XIV

In this Final Fantasy XIV crafting guide, I will be revealing the mystery behind the types of synthesis, the colors of synths, and the flashing lights.

Types of Synthesis

When crafting an item, you have the option of selecting standard, rapid, bold, or “wait”. Each of these types of synthesis has different implications, so you will want to choose wisely.

Standard synthesis has a high chance of success and results in a moderate increase in both progress and quality. Unless you have a reason not to use standard synthesis (such as if you are trying to create a high-quality item), you should always use this option.

Rapid synthesis has a moderate chance of success and results in a large increase in progress and a small increase in quality. This can be used to quickly synthesize materials or other items that you want to finish quickly but do not care about the quality of these items (such as when making low-level materials).

Bold synthesis has a low chance of success and if successful results in a large increase in quality and a small increase in progress. It is best used when you are trying to create a high-quality item and are currently a much higher level than the current synthesis requires (as to increase your chance of success).

Wait has a chance to change the color at the cost of 1 durability point. It is useful to wait if you are crafting a difficult synth, as the color may change to something more favorable. This leads me to the next part of the Final Fantasy XIV crafting guide: what colors of the synthesis mean.

Color of the Synthesis

As unusual as it may be, when the color of the item you are crafting changes, the results of your synthesis will also change. The different colors are white, yellow, red, and flashing or sparking (some crafts flash and some spark; none do both).

A white synthesis means that no matter what action you pick next (standard, rapid, etc.), you have a high chance of success. However, you also get a modest increase in quality when synthing on white. White synthesis is best for crafting difficult items.

A yellow color means that your chance of success is moderate, but the increase in quality will also be moderate. When crafting a difficult item, you may want to use the wait function so the color turns back to white. Otherwise, feel free to continue crafting at this point.

A red color means that your chance of success is low, but if you are successful, the increase in quality will be high. You will want to try to synthesize on red if you are trying to create a high-quality item. If you are synthing something difficult, you will want to wait when you see red.

Sparks or flashing lights simply amplify the effects of each color. Whenever something is sparking, the chance of success goes down but the positive results if successful go up. The same goes for flashing; flashing lights mean that the synthesis is likely to fail, but if you succeed, you will see a sizable increase in quality.

Starcraft 2 Void Ray Counter

Every player wants to know the same thing: what is the best Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter? The answer to that question is more simple than you would imagine.

The truth is that you should never lose to Voids. They are very expensive (250 minerals, 150 vespene gas) and honestly do not do that much damage compared to units you could get for the same cost.

For example, a single Void costs more than 2 Stalkers or 5 Marines! Both groups of units would easily take out a Voidy.

There are a few things you should know about Void Ray mechanics before we get started. First, the beam charges (increases in strength) the longer it is attacking the same target. If the Void Ray is constantly interrupted or has to move, the beam will not charge.

However, once the beam is charged, Voids will keep this charge for a period of time (say 10-15 seconds) and it will automatically refresh if the Voids keeps attacking. Therefore, the key is to keep the Voids from attacking the same target for too long so it cannot charge up. If it has no charge, it does little damage.

With that said, here is the best way to perform a Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter for all 3 races.


There are two ways to counter Voids. First off, Marines are incredibly effective versus these Protoss ships. Since Marines have such a low HP total, they will die before Void Rays can charge up! Simply using Marines alone will defeat Void Rays with no problem. The damage inflicted by Stim Packs actually helps in this situation; Void Rays will not be able to charge up or run.

If the Protoss player is playing hit and run, Terran players can use the Viking to easily execute a Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter. The Viking has a range of 9 to the Void’s 6. It is also faster (prior to the Void speed upgrade) and fires in a missile volley, not a charged beam. As a result, players can keep their Vikings just outside of the Void Ray’s range and stop every few seconds to fire off a missile. These Protoss ships never gets a chance to attack!


Zerg have the toughest time performing the Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter. Hydralisks work good though, mineral for mineral. Two Hydralisks can be built for the cost of 1 Void; be sure to keep pumping out the Hydralisks at a high pace and you will be just fine, as two Hydralisks easily defeat 1 of these Protoss ships. If the enemy is massing Voids, get a few Corruptors to use Corruption and provide anti-air support.


Protoss players have an easy time with the Starcraft 2 Void Ray counter. You can build two Stalkers for the cost of one of these Protoss ships, and Stalkers easily defeat Voids. However, due to the Stalker’s high HP, Voids can easily build up charge versus them. The key here is to use the Blink ability to hit and run versus the Voids before they can build too much charge.

Blink under the Voids, focus-fire and take out as many as you can, then start to run and once you are almost out of range, blink away further. This will interrupt the Voids attack and let their charge drop to prevent it from building up.

Way Out West – Wickenburg, AZ

Sitting in the shadows of the rising Phoenix, a small town full of cowboy history and culture awaits just a short jaunt away. I could have used the description short “drive”, but out here a horse is considered a major part of the public transportation system, and many locals tend to “drive” the cows. This town is well known for dude ranches and open spaces, but more know it as the stop on the way to the gambling destinations of Nevada. Why not take a gamble on Wickenburg, Arizona? It is your best bet along the way.

Wickenburg was founded in 1863 when Henry Wickenburg, a Austrian prospector, found gold around the area of the Vulture Mountains of central Arizona. Soon after the mining and ranch foundations of the town were laid, and a western town was born. The town celebrates it’s history in many ways, much which can be seen still today. From ghost towns to festivals, there are numerous opportunities to immerse yourself in Wickenburg’s western heritage.

One of the biggest western festivals of it’s kind, the annual Gold Rush Days draws thousands of visitor’s from all over to celebrate the mining history of the area. The weekend in February offers mining competitions, melodramas, and one of the largest parades in the state on Saturday. If you are in town at any time of year, be sure to visit the Chamber of Commerce located in the historic railroad depot on Frontier Street. This is a great place to start and get the skinny on the history of the town and the places and things you will want to do. Be sure to check out the old Santa Fe steam engine right outside the station. Many shops and artisans are located around the downtown area from here. Some of the highlights include Ben’s Saddlery Shop, Buckshot Babe’s, and some of the best Turquoise jewelry in the state at Danny’s. Take a walking tour of downtown and you will find a few “guides” around town to help you learn a little about it’s history. These guides are actually statues located around town and with the push of a button will tell you a tale of the town’s past.

For a town of it’s size, the selection of restaurants is pleasantly plentiful. The best thing you will find about Wickenburg’s eating establishments is character. Mom and Pops are very well represented, with Anita’s, Rancho Bar 7, and the Cowboy Cafe to name just a few. After a good meal check out a movie over at the historic Saguaro Theater, built in 1948 it’s signage and original ticket booth are still intact. And as far as movie popcorn goes, this place knows how to pop those kernels. Wickenburg is the obvious place for that Dinner and a Movie date that you need to take.

The two best things about Wickenburg to do we have yet to mention. Desert Caballeros Western Museum and the Vulture Mine townsite. For a town of less than 10,000 people, the museum here is the toast of the town. With a western art collection that includes greats like Remington, Russell, Moran, and Weighorst, this is the little museum that could…and does. Besides the ever changing exhibits to keep you coming back, the permanent historical part of the museum includes a 1915 Arizona street scene complete with a saloon, watch shop, livery stable, post office, church, and general store. There is also a Victorian house recreation to show how things were back in the old west. This is a must see in Wickenburg, appreciate, learn, and enlighten.

Vulture Mine was the original location of Henry Wickenberg’s gold find. Just in sight of Vulture Peak, the town of Vulture City was founded here to support the mining. At one point the population was as high as 5,000 who would call this desert town home. Many of the original buildings are here, and a self guided tour is offered to those that are up to it. The original hanging tree is still there, in a town where 18 were hung from this old Ironwood. Some say there are ghosts that still haunt this area. Isn’t this a little obvious? I mean this is a Ghost Town.

There are many things we have not covered, but there is so much to be discovered. Wickenburg is just a short distance from Phoenix and a long distance away in your mind. Be sure to take a trip soon and get in touch with that western spirit that this great Arizona town has to offer.